Project: Dredging the Mundaka river in Spain

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In the very sensitive biospherical estuary of this tidal river, the bed of the river had to be deepened for shipping purposes, and partly brought back to the original meandering track. With the out coming sand, a beach area at the ocean shore was replenished.

Some facts: Sand dredged abt 350.000 m³. Length of the dredged riverbed abt 6 KM Dredging period: 4 Months. The pipeline for the disposal of the sand was laid in the river bed as a sinker, to protect the river banks.

Equipment used for the project: Dismountable CSD “Eems”, Multicat Jannick Müsing, Dismountable spud pontoon, various earthmoving equipment and some km of pipeline. The dredger was positioned using very exact LRTK system providing position and height in cm accuracy, and monitored/piloted by advanced dredging software to allow most exact dredging of the requested cross profile.

Arguments to use this dredger: Seaworthiness was required as part of the job had to be carried out in the river mouth (which means working in Oceanic waters), shallow draught was requested, as depth of the new dredged riverbed was only 1,50 meter under Low tide level. download