Project: Coastal Protection Project of The Gambia

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Because of the versatile possibilities of the dredger “Eems” , Müsing Dredging & Civil Construction was invited to offer the cutterworks for the Gambian Coastal Protection Project to the main contractor.

Ing. Jan Meier Nolte, managing Director of Müsing D&CC initiated the design and the construction of the CSD “Eems” according to demands based on accumulated project-experiences. The result was a sea-going (coastal areas) CSD, with Ø 500 mm suction and discharge pipes, a maximum working dept of 20 meters and completely dismountable in units not larger than, and with the same transport- and handling specs as a 40 ft container. CSD “Eems” appeared to be the largest in standard transport-dimensions dismountable cutter dredger.

Arguments to use the dredger “Eems” in this project were: Easy transportability was evident, as the dredger could be transported to West Afrika economically by a standard containership , seaworthiness was requested because the works had to be carried out in open Ocean shore area, and shallow draught was requested because the dredging depth was only 3,0 m under mean Ocean level. download