Project: Seabed Preparations for Jackets for an Offshore Windpark Converter Platform

JMN performed the Project Management on behalf of the Main Contractor

for a new Converter Station Platform for a Windpark in the North Sea, the seabed had to be prepared to make it possible to place the Jackets for the new Platform.

This challenging project demanded the deployment of various highly specialized equipment and vessels.

A box-shaped area large enough to allow the footprint of the future platform had to be dredged. This part of the works not only demanded the highest possible accuracy in dredging, it was also essential not to endanger the already existing neighbor-platform. Furthermore, a live power cable in close vicinity of the dredging area, had to be protected.

After meticulously dredging the box-shaped area, the seabed had to be filled up with a prescribed mixture to a required level within very low tolerances.

Equipment used for the project: a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger, especially adapted and equipped to enable the high dredging accuracy (in sea-conditions) for the majority of the dredging works. A Dredging ROV operated from a Dredging Support Vessel was deployed to perform the delicate precision dredging in the vicinity of the power cable. After dredging the box-shaped area well within the requested tolerances, the filling up of the box-area was performed by deploying a DP Fallpipe Vessel. The prepared seabed was finally realized very well within the demanded accuracy.


Project Video by Subcontractor Boskalis: download