JMN Dredging Consult is the consultancy firm of Jan Meier Nolte B.Sc. (c.e.). The services offered by JMN Dredging Consult are based on over 30 years of accumulated practical experience in the general and operational management of dredging contracting companies.

JMN Dredging Consult specializes in managing the actual operational aspects in dredging, the acquisition, tendering/offering, organization and realization of the contracted projects, as accomplished in the capacity of dredging contractor. The approach is not to offer isolated specialisms like how to operate a dredger, how to maintain the equipment, how to man the fleet, which equipment to invest in etc., but to offer the complete business-package-management of running a dredging contracting company.

As consultant JMN Dredging Consult offers support in contracting and realization of dredging projects. Possible is the set-up and organization of a contracting company for dredging works, or the fine-tuning of an existing dredging contracting division. Also interim-management is offered. A further possibility is the support in management and supervision of ongoing dredging projects and/or project management, including contract- and/or claim-management.

In the tender-phase, or realisation-phase JMN Dredging Consult can offer support in proposing suitable partners for example to build a Joint-Venture to bid for and realize a project which includes dredging works.



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