Dredgers Inland Waters

Inland Waters dredging, also known as Small-scale dredging is a particular area of specialisation in the Dutch dredging industry that, in itself, offers a wide range of equipment and diverse options. The main thing that this range of equipment has in common is its suitability for use in typically small waterbodies that are sometimes difficult to access. The machinery for small-scale dredging can also be transported by public road to the project site using standard trailers, and mobile cranes can be used to position this machinery in the water.

Particular types of small-scale dredging equipment are perfect for use in waterways in densely populated urban areas, whilst other equipment and techniques are suited to use in watercourses or lakes in rural areas, forests, mountainous areas or polders. The small-scale dredging equipment and techniques can also be used on construction sites, for example in underwater excavation.

The following equipment is most commonly used for small-scale dredging:

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