JMN Dredging Consult provides temporary and/or supplementary services in the implementation and planning of dredging works.
The services offered can relate to advice about the planning and preparation of dredging works during the preparatory phase, or supporting a project management team on a temporary basis, or for the duration of a project.

JMN Dredging Consult can offer 30 years of accumulated practical management experience, gained mostly in nautical dredging in coastal areas, deltas, (sea) harbours and rivers, environmental dredging projects and small-scale („fresh water”) dredging in both urban and rural areas.

By engaging the services of JMN Dredging Consult during the set up of operations or the planning phase of your project, the foundation will be laid for smooth progress during the actual realisation phase of the work. Furthermore, should you involve JMN C&P when implementing the work, you will receive professional support to ensure successful completion of the project.

Your partner, JMN Dredging Consult, provides you with the benefit of its wide experience in combined disciplines, which will assist you in expanding and strengthening your market position. download